Summer School of Architecture


Click to jump to a different section: ‹1› A pile of different drawings ‹2› Drawing lectures ‹3› Illustrating a story ‹4› Drawing as an experiment ‹5› Drawing to document ‹6› Drawing to understand ‹7› Drawing to identify ‹1› A pile of different drawings Sometimes I draw to remember, sometimes to think about something or someone, sometimes without a reason. ‹2› Drawing lectures Sometimes I drawContinue reading “Drawing”


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About & Contact

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A Model for Savamala

How planning systems depend on political context and why this was the biggest mistake ever made Since the beginning of consciousness people are trying to find and define their place in this world. We try to explore and understand it, but not as careful observers; our presence and interference is direct – we are constructing ourContinue reading “A Model for Savamala”

Learning From Others


Caput Luciferum


Architect’s Toolbox


Mapping Nottingham’s Identity

  MapNott was a three months (July-September 2016) long experiment of ways to contribute to the understanding of how architecture, art and design can be practiced “on the ground”, in the communities, to ensure a progress towards realising global sustainability goals, namely making cities and places in which we live inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. ItContinue reading “Mapping Nottingham’s Identity”

Making Stories

‹1› Prirucnik za organizovanje letnje skole arhitekture ‹2› About Strahinja ‹3› Suksibih ‹4› Exploring your town ‹5› Motivation letter ‹6› Tiny Stories

School of Urban Practices

Planet Europe

Planet Europe is an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree programme, focused on spatial planning, environmental law and notions of sustainability in the context of contemporary societal and environmental challenges. Besides meeting many interesting people, becoming a Forever-Foreigner and learning how to live with differences in every second of a day, this experience enabled me to developContinue reading “Planet Europe”

Summer School of Architecture

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