Mapping Nottingham’s Identity


MapNott was a three months (July-September 2016) long experiment of ways to contribute to the understanding of how architecture, art and design can be practiced “on the ground”, in the communities, to ensure a progress towards realising global sustainability goals, namely making cities and places in which we live inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. It explores the process of co-design and participation – a transformative, uncertain and unstable process of learning and creating in which the boundaries between disciplines and expert and lay knowledge disappear. Finally, it contributes to art and architecture teaching methodologies, by experimenting with design education and getting involved with local context and community.

The place-identity-community connection was explored through the use of different methods, in two neighbourhoods in Nottingham (Carrington & Sneinton) and in three primary schools. MapNott consisted of 4 public presentations, 3 workshops in primary schools, 6 workshops with participants, 8 on-site sessions, 10+ visits to local events, 30+ meetings with different stakeholders and 8 events as part of the public exhibition in Nottingham Central Library.


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