Terraced Houses Distinction

Terraced houses fascinate me more than anything that I have seen in the UK. They are present in every town, and even though they usually look very similar, there are many variations within this typology. Until the beginning of XX century, more than 85% of all dwellings in England and Wales were covered by terraced houses, and despite the various problematic issues that emerge from this specific morphology (high maintenance costs, no space for car parking, inaccessible for disabled, a lot of space occupied by service functions), more and more terraced housing schemes are being developed.

What attracted my attention as a foreigner (walking/living in residential areas) were their facades. In the beginning I was getting lost very often – all streets looked the same. As I got used to the streetscape, I  started noticing the variety of distinctions between different units. The ways in which owners mark their property in relation to their neighbours was brilliant! How do you draw the border line? Where does Mine end and Yours start? I started using these “boundaries” as a compass in the terraced labyrinths.


What do you think?

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